Marketing can be carbon neutral!

Our solutions help you not to lose efficiency in the meantime—this way your marketing will be effective and sustainable at the same time. With our AI-based tools, you can assess the CO2e emissions of your campaigns, identify reduction opportunities and improve campaign effectiveness. All at once, simply.

Carbon monitor


It is marketing that can best reduce its own carbon footprint.

Reducing the carbon footprint of marketing is only sustainable if the effectiveness of the activities is not compromised. With this in mind, Carbon.Crane's team of data scientists and marketing experts use artificial intelligence to develop solutions that only reduce carbon emissions, not campaign efficiency.

It is marketing that can best reduce its own carbon footprint.

Our partners


Our partners in aiming to reduce carbon footprint of marketing

Carbon.Crane helps the Mastercard to reduce its carbonfootprint of marketing
Carbon.Crane helps the Hősök Tere to reduce its carbonfootprint of marketing
Carbon.Crane helps the ZeroKarbon to reduce its carbonfootprint of marketing
Carbon.Crane helps the ÖRT to reduce its carbonfootprint of marketing
Carbon.Crane helps the Eon to reduce its carbonfootprint of marketing
Carbon.Crane helps the DIMSZ to reduce its carbonfootprint of marketing
Carbon.Crane helps the Mediaspace to reduce its carbonfootprint of marketing
Carbon.Crane helps the Ringier to reduce its carbonfootprint of marketing
Carbon.Crane helps the BFO to reduce its carbonfootprint of marketing

Our solutions


Our intuitive dashboards allow you to monitor and analyze the carbon footprint of your e-mail campaigns and websites. Beyond measurement, E-mail Carbon Monitor® and Website Carbon Monitor® provide you with multiple solutions to reduce your carbon emissions.

Zero-carbon e-mail solutions

Reduce the carbon footprint of your eDM campaigns

The overview and analytical views of E-mail Carbon Monitor® display the carbon efficiency of your e-mail campaigns. Carbon Ratio® indicates the carbon footprint of unnecessarily sent e-mails, and identifies opportunities for reduction, thus supporting both planning and monitoring effectiveness. In addition to individual campaign analysis, the system also allows local and regional comparisons.


Optimize the carbon efficiency of your website

Website Carbon Monitor® provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the carbon efficiency of your website, which can be easily reviewed and analyzed on a user-friendly interface. By analyzing incoming traffic and its flow within your website, it reveals your options for reducing carbon emission and models their effectiveness in several scenarios.

Zero-carbon website solutions

Website BADGE®

Websites that use Carbon.Crane's Website Carbon Monitor® are entitled to place this badge in their footer which shows that they are consciously and actively working to reduce their website's carbon footprint—in partnership with Carbon.Crane.

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The size of downloaded files has increased significantly in recent years

Digital transformation has revolutionized the way businesses operate, offering consumers a wide variety of online alternatives to traditionally offline activities, whether it’s choosing a product, making a purchase itself, or building customer relationships when you have a business. As a result of expanded functionality and capabilities, the size and environmental impact of websites has changed significantly. In the last 10 years, the size of websites on desktop computers and mobile devices has increased fivefold and more than tenfold respectively, with a corresponding increase in traffic and carbon emissions. It’s not just the size and carbon footprint of websites that has changed, as the quality and size of online content, images, videos, and audio files has also improved and grown. According to the latest report from HTTP Archive, the average download size of websites has increased by 50% in recent years, mainly due to improvements in quality, as users now download high-resolution videos and larger images from websites within a single visit. This is also evident from a few facts: For images, the download size for computer downloads has more than doubled since the May 10 years ago, with the size of an image on May 1, 2013 being 3 KB, […]


Carbon MythBusters Quiz: The big reveal

In our Carbon MythBusters quiz, we’ve listed a few myths that you might have gotten wrong—or maybe you were right, but it was more of an inkling than a certainty. Either way, it’s important to have an accurate understanding of what contributes to a website’s carbon footprint and where to put your focus if you want to measure and decrease it. Are you curious why green hosting is not the be-all and end-all solution you might have hoped for? Do you wonder how much compromise is necessary when optimizing a site for carbon reduction? Now we’re here to reveal the truth!     Myth#1: Nearly 65% of a recent survey’s responders said they reduced their use of a brand after finding out it was not acting sustainably. Correct answer: False Explanation: That might have looked like a significant amount, but the percentage was even higher than that. According to a 2021 PwC 2021 study, 80% of consumers more likely to buy from a company that stands up for environmental causes. The same survey also showed that it is vital for employers to know how deeply the company they work for cares about sustainability: 84% of respondents preferring not to work […]


Carbon MythBusters Quiz

There are many facts and possibly just as many misconceptions about carbon emissions of websites, and which falls into which bucket might surprise you.  Sites running on green hosting do not emit CO2e? What effect do images have on the carbon emissions of websites? Our follow up Carbon MythBusters blog post will help you better understand the carbon footprint of websites. But first up, do you want to discover how informed you are about the sites and their environmental effect? Take our quiz and test your knowledge! Are you wondering why these were the right answers? Read our blog post, where we explain everything! Do you want to know more about how we monitor website carbon emissions? Request a demo! Would you like to receive news about marketing’s carbon footprint and its reduction? Subscribe to our newsletter below!