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The carbon footprint of e-mail campaigns and websites can be continuously monitored and analyzed on the intuitive user interfaces of our tools. In addition to measurement, E-mail Carbon Monitor® and Website Carbon Monitor® provide you with multiple solutions to reduce your carbon emissions.

E-Mail Carbon Monitor®

The overview and analytical views of E-mail Carbon Monitor® display the carbon efficiency of your e-mail campaigns. Carbon Ratio® indicates the carbon footprint of unnecessarily sent e-mails, and identifies opportunities for reduction, thus supporting both planning and monitoring effectiveness. In addition to individual campaign analysis, the system also allows local and regional comparisons.


Website carbon monitor®

Website Carbon Monitor® provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the carbon efficiency of your website, which can be easily reviewed and analyzed on a user-friendly interface. By analyzing incoming traffic and its flow within your website, it reveals your options for reducing carbon emission and models their effectiveness in several scenarios.


Website BADGE®

Websites that use Carbon.Crane's Website Carbon Monitor® are entitled to place this badge in their footer which shows that they are consciously and actively working to reduce their website's carbon footprint—in partnership with Carbon.Crane.

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