Data science. Marketing. Carbon reduction.

Carbon.Crane is a team dedicated to minimizing the carbon footprint of marketing. Our developers, data scientists and marketing experts work together to develop solutions that enable you to reduce your carbon footprint whilst maintaining or even increasing the efficiency of your marketing activities.
Carbon Crane
Carbon Crane

Why are we doing this?

We have been working on improving marketing efficiency since 2005. We believe that campaign effectiveness and carbon footprint reduction are not mutually exclusive but can go hand in hand. This approach makes marketing sustainable and the brand lovable at the same time. Our mission is to ensure that, besides efficiency, carbon emissions become a key consideration as well, when planning and evaluating marketing campaigns.
Carbon Crane

Our solutions

Our tools provide a comprehensive overview of the carbon efficiency of your marketing, measure and analyze the impact of your activities, and identify opportunities for reduction. By all that, they support planning and monitoring the effectiveness of carbon reduction strategies, while also sending automated notifications for outliers. All our solutions are carbon neutral, and data update is completely automated.


Do you have a business problem? Bring it to us, and we will come up with a solution using data science, technology, IT development, and data-driven marketing. When it comes to us, everything starts and ends with data, so we show your business success in precise numbers as well.
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Culture.Crane aims to bring the competitive sector's tried and true tools to cultural institutions. The CRM audience management system, tailored specifically for the sector, has been supporting the work of cultural marketers with loyalty program, event, and support management functions, as well as with customized content and other unique solutions since 2015, initiated as Crane's social responsibility.