Websites that use Carbon.Crane's Website Carbon Monitor® are entitled to place this badge in their footer which shows that they are consciously and actively working to reduce their website's carbon footprint—in partnership with Carbon.Crane.
Carbon Monitored Website Badge
Carbon Monitored Website Badge


The team of Carbon.Crane confirms that the carboon footprint of the

Carbon Monitored Website Badge

website is measured, analyzed and reduced with Website Carbon Monitor®. Monitoring is not temporary; it is a continuous, tangible measurement, and doesn't calculate with estimated data. The badge proves that the site's creators and operators share Carbon.Crane's mission: to neutralize the carbon emission of marketing activities.


Website Carbon Monitor usage interval:

2022.09.30. - 2023.09.30.

Monitored days:


Ildikó Fazekas ÖRT Director

"We consider the responsibility of the advertising industry to be very important in relation with environmental protection also affecting advertising. This is the spirit in which we created the Green Pledge commitment together with the Hungarian Marketing Association and the Hungarian Communications Agencies Association, which in addition to the content elements, also points out the aspects of environmental protection to be observed during the advertising production process and encourages professional players to take action. By joining the carbon footprint audit program, we would like to set a good example as a responsible advertising professional organization."

Ildikó Fazekas ÖRT Director

About Carbon.Crane

How can I get the badge?

To be able to use the badge on a website, the continuous use of Website Carbon Monitor® is required. Website Carbon Monitor® provides a complete and detailed overview of the carbon emissions generated by the incoming traffic and its flow within your website. Data can be easily reviewed and analyzed on a user-friendly interface, with reduction opportunities highlighted.

Website Karbon Monitor



Carbon-reduced website = better user experience

The image above shows two previous versions of the main page of What happened between the two versions? The difference may not be so obvious at first glance, but we reduced the carbon footprint of the original website to its seventeenth part by the time Carbon.Crane was launched. Let us show you how we achieved it.

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The carbon footprint of e-mail campaigns and websites can be continuously monitored and analyzed on the intuitive user interfaces of our tools. In addition to measurement, E-mail Carbon Monitor® and Website Carbon Monitor® provide you with multiple solutions to reduce your carbon emissions.

Website carbon monitoring

Website Carbon Monitor®

Website Carbon Monitor® provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the carbon efficiency of your website, which can be easily reviewed and analyzed on a user-friendly interface. By analyzing incoming traffic and its flow within your website, it reveals your options for reducing carbon emission and models their effectiveness in several scenarios.