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carbon crane


Date: 2023. 12. 11 14:41

Once upon a time, pranksters appeared in the not-so-distant realm of the Websites. Although no one saw them because they were hiding, the carbon situation was noticeably getting worse. The websites gathered, they debated, but even the wisest websites with the highest traffic could not find a solution — even though they felt the weight of the problem the most.

They searched and searched for a solution among themselves, until one fine day, one of them finally brought good news: in another realm, in the tribe of Developers, there is an all-seeing warrior who can help them with their difficult problem. They immediately wrote him an eDM, and within a blink of an eye, the brave man was already on his way to them.

MoniThor, the famous warrior (yes, indeed, the son of the famous Carbon.Crane) soon arrived. He was a tall, powerful warrior, dressed in beautiful, green, eco-friendly clothes, on his magnificent horse. He took out his all-seeing binoculars, which are unique in the world, and immediately began to search for the pranksters.

Well, he didn’t have to go far: as a Santa Claus look-alike, the media files had the nerve to sit in the middle of the square — thinking that, due to their size, the brave man would easily walk past them.

The visual elements were hanging on the branches of the Christmas tree in the image of Grinch, who was none other than the stylesheet, the stylist of the websites. Gingerbread cookies, or scripts as they are commonly known, with lots of tasty (and let’s face it, unnecessary) ingredients were also hidden on the Christmas tree. They weren’t that conspicuous in the festive atmosphere, but the Grinches started to swing, and their weight pulled down the branches of the Christmas tree — so it was easy for MoniThor to find the decorative company.


The fonts, dressed as Reindeer, hid in the cover of the branches, innocently grazing, but the Elves jumped on their backs, and since we are really talking about the documents, they must have been quite crummy, and the Reindeer’s eyes bulged with surprise.

The great warrior quickly caught them, lined them up neatly and ordered an immediate diet for the heaviest.

There was crying and shouting, but in the end even the pranksters realized that everyone is better off this way.

By Christmas, the empire has eased up.

Oh, how grateful they were to MoniThor!

Since then, every year they have called him back and commemorated his famous feat with a hide-and-seek contest — and passed on his carbon-conscious story to their subpages and URLs so that he will never be forgotten!

Have an easy holiday and a wonderful Christmas!


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